Ramnit: International Task Force Takes Down Worldwide Botnet

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The German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) has succeeded in taking down parts of the Ramnit Botnet infrastructure. Yesterday’s press release explained how around 3.2 million infected computer systems worldwide are now out of danger. The takedown was coordinated between the BKA and the Joint European Cybercrime Action Task Force. This body includes governmental departments and private enterprises from Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Italy, and their latest action has been heralded as an important victory for security online.
The bank trojan was spread either through dangerous links in emails or via compromised websites. On the infected systems, cyber criminals were able to steal sensitive information and switch off active anti-virus systems without being detected. With our specialised malware remover EU-Cleaner, you can recognise whether your system is infected and, if so, delete the malware.
Check your computer with the EU-Cleaner here

  1. ramnit1Download the free-to-use EU-Cleaner onto your Windows PC and run a complete scan.
  2. Should the background of the program turn red (see screenshot), harmful malware has been found
  3. Clicking on “Continue” will allow you to delete the malware. In addition to this, the EU Cleaner reactivates AV programs that have been switched off by the cyber criminals. Try it for 30 days free here!

Further measures:
Change, as a matter of urgency, your password collection. Think particularly hard about strong passwords for services such as Facebook, webmailers and online shops.
Alongside a good, professional anti-virus protection and the creation of regular backups, most instances of data loss can be avoided with simple preventative measures:

  1. Check your internet connection for vulnerabilities and security loopholes
    With the Check & Secure Security Check, you can check not only your internet connection, but vulnerabilities in your router and browser/plugins too.
  2. Install an auto-updater such as CSIS Heimdal Security Agent
    Like the Nordic God of the same name, Heimdal oversees the access to your PC and installs updates to installed plugins when available. As the majority of malware uses vulnerabilities in widespread programs such as Java, Flash and Acrobat PDF, regular updates are essential.
  3. Shore up your defences with the “Cyber Vaccination”!
    As the last line of defence, the vaccination hits the alarm bell when all other defences have been breached and a trojan is active on a computer.