Under the leadership of the FBI and in association with Europol, as well as government agencies from Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Ukraine and the UK, a massive attack was carried out the gang behind GameOver Zeus. The takedown was named “Operation Tovar”.
This comes after the US CERT had issued a warning regarding a dangerous version of GameOver Zeus (GOZ) which, as we reported recently, is the P2P variant of the Zeus Family, the most famous and most popular of the bank-robbing trojans. The new botnet uses a decentralised network of infected computers and web servers, which are able to perform command and control functions without needing a central server, allowing it to spread like wildfire. All Windows users are potentially at risk.
Check & Secure can help!
The banking trojan “Zeus GameOver” is recognisable by the way it operates on an end user system. This so called “Behaviour Analysis” in order to recognise these traits and prevent “Man in the Browser” attacks that are caused by the trojan. Man in the Browser attacks manipulate data that is entered on a specific webpage, often stealing sensitive data such as passwords and email addresses.
Based on F-Secures idea, the existing Botnet Check at our botnet-check has been extended to include an identification process for GameOver Zeus. Using a small but effective Java-Script, the site checks the browser of the visitor to see whether there are processes occurring that wish to change content. Should it be recognised, the user will be warned forthwith.
Is your computer infected with GameOver Zeus? Here’s how to find out!

  1. Visit our real-time checker at our botnet-check and click on Start!
  2. Should our system identify a GameOver Zeus infection, you will receive a step-by-step guide, with which you can restore the security of your online accounts and computer system. This, naturally, is free of charge.
  3. Regardless of whether you see a GameOver Zeus infection, run your system through the remainder of the check. In particular you should make sure that your browser and its plugins are up to date; there are especially vulnerable and are not covered by Windows Updates.
  4. Install our HitmanPro.Alert the “Last Line of Defence” is an alarm system on your computer, activated whenever trojans on your PC become active. As a result of this, it is able to stop the encryption of your data through ransom trojans.